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Low Maintenance
Low Weight
Low Height
No Emissions
No Noise
No Hassle

Raymo Electric Mowers
electrifying the rc mower world

Raymo is the ONLY zero-turn remote-controlled mower that can tackle low clearance, weight sensitive, slopes and ecologically sensitive areas without fluids, noise, or operator risk. 

The Raymo's revolutionary, patented PowerSwap system allows operators to quickly swap between battery packs within minutes. Keep mowing all day with backup power on-hand.


Stay connected to the productivity of your machine with the Raymo Raylink. From the Raylink system, monitor your machine's battery usage, battery life, productivity, Service status, mowing status, and more. 


Flip Up
Service Mode

Versatile Attachment

Slope Compatible
All Terrain Tires

Float Setting

Low Profile

Zero Emissions
Zero Fluids

Constant Energy 
Battery Powerswap

Four Wheel Drive
Zero Turn Agility

At a Glance

Raylink Telemetry System

Remote Controlled

Keep your operators safe while eliminating operator weight on your machine.

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Mow During Quiet Time

Mow areas that restrict noise. Residential, hospitals, schools and campuses. 

take it low

With a height of only 21", your Raymo can go places NO other mower can.  Mow low clearance areas with ease

NO CDL, NO Truck 

Transport the Raymo with ease. At under 500 lbs, this mower fits in the back of a pickup truck.


61 in x 45 in x 36 in



Raymo mowers use the best in modern battery technology. The Raymo Powerpacks are offer 150 AH capacity with 50.4 Volts of power. Operate your Raymo for 4 to 6 hours per charge. 

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Endless Possibilities:
Popular Raymo Applications 


 Mowing, mulching, wildflower meadow reaping - choose the deck that suits your requirement and change it for another one at any time. It is simple and quick. The anti-scalping floating decks only have soil contact with wheels or skids.  

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The R42FLEX is a basic multifunctional rotary mower deck that can be used for many different applications. A simple installation or removal of mulching covers allows you to choose between mulching or rear discharge. While operating on flat and level surfaces the caster wheels can be removed, making the whole mower more compact and very maneuverable in tight spaces.


This deck was designed as a non-scalping deck. The mower deck design enables you to mow very close to obstacles and drive along walls and curbs. Protective plastic covers and corner roller wheels protect both the mower deck and the nearby obstacles. 



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About Us

We are Raymo USA

Raymo USA was established in 2022 to represent the Raymo electric commercial mowers throughout the majority of the United States. With over eight years of experience in the mowing equipment industry, Raymo USA operates through a network of dealers to sell, service, and distribute Raymo mowers.

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