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Raymo can carry multiple mower decks - R42FLEX, R48CRAFT, R52TURF rotary, and S46FLORIS single or dual action sickle bars. Mowing, mulching, wildflower meadow reaping - choose the deck that suits your requirement and change it for another one at any time. It is simple and quick. The anti-scalping floating decks only have soil contact with wheels or skids. The floating decks are gentle to grass even in complicated and undulating terrain.
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The R42FLEX is a basic multifunctional rotary mower deck that can be used for many different applications. A simple installation or removal of mulching covers allows you to choose between mulching or rear discharge. While operating on flat and level surfaces the caster wheels can be removed, making the whole mower more compact and very maneuverable in tight spaces.


This deck was designed as a non-scalping deck. The mower deck design enables you to mow very close to obstacles and drive along walls and curbs. Protective plastic covers and corner roller wheels protect both the mower deck and the nearby obstacles. 


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